Free Fire: What time and when does the new map come out?

Free Fire is one of the most popular Royale Battle, especially in Latin America. Its attractive part of your model free-to-play next to a combination of characters design with skills, as well as having fast games. Along with an integration of Esports that rewards players with characters and / or cosmetics, the reason behind their success can be understood.

Like all multiplayer, one of its features is that you can upgrade gradually with new content. He even gives rise to improved versions, with an approach to users who enjoy an experience with improved graphics. In addition, the service gives rise to new scenarios every so often, as this weekend will occur with the launch of Alpine.

The integration of Alpine responds to several events within the history of Free Fire. Originally it was a fishing village, however, the growing conflict forced that it became a military post during the Winter War. Same in which Team Elite fought against Mr. Network and Yeti to get an energy core. Now, it will be part of the rotation of scenarios, in which we have Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari.

Alpine has urban areas full of snow, train stations where we see some cargo wagons, a bridge and even a place with a giant antenna. To take a full path to the new map, it is not necessary to wait for the release date. Arena prepared a Fire VR experience in which we can find some gifts. It is only necessary to access this link and follow the adventure guided by Wolfram.

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Now, let’s talk about the release date. Just as it happened with Bermuda 2.0, Free Fire will start 2022 with Alpine. Specifically, we talk about a launch on December 31 at point of 18:00 MX / 19:00 CO / 21:00 AR / 01:00 EN (January 1). All users will have access to Alpine.

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