Fortnite could receive a Battle Royale without construction mode

The Battle Royale of Fortnite, in addition to all its crossovers, has also stood out for construction mode. There are users who detest this section, and if you are also one of them, then you will be happy to know that Epic Games would already be working in a way that completely eliminates this, leaving you with an experience of battle Royale Much more, By saying it in a certain way.

According to Hyper, a well-known filter of Fortnite, Epic Games will be launching a limited time mode where it will be prohibited to build on Battle Royale:

Reminder that EPIC is working in a limited time mode without constructions. I feel that this way would be amazing right now with Spider-Man. They would only have to reduce damage to environments for this mode.

*NEW* Fortnite No Build Mode Gameplay - Ground Game LTM Gameplay
Sadly, and as this insider mentions, it would be a limited way, so do not expect to play it permanently. Outside that we do not have more details about it, although it is worth noting that Hyper has had a good history when it comes to leaks, so it is surely a matter of time for this way to integrate BATTLE Royale.

And speaking of leaks, it is also rumored that Doom Slayer, as well as other characters of Bethesda and Microsoft, would eventually be arriving at Fortnite. Here you can know more details about this.


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