Doom Slayer and more Bethesda characters would arrive in Fortnite

Regardless of your opinion regarding Fortnite, it is impossible to deny that the Battle Royale of Epic Games has highlighted due to all the collaborations and Crossovers you have had in recent years. Evidently this trend will not end soon, and it seems that we already know what the following skins will eventually reach the game.

Fortnite Doom Slayer skin..!

Jeff Grubs, known insider that has previously proven to be a reliable source for this kind of thing, he participated in the most recent podcast of boxer, where he revealed that Doom Slayer, and other characters of Bethesda and Microsoft, would be coming to Fortnite. Grubs did not give more details about what these characters could be, but considering that itself Master Chief has already arrived at Battle Royale months ago, then everything can happen.

Meanwhile, users can already enjoy all the other content that came to Fortnite as part of chapter 3, and if you still do not know exactly what we are talking about, then we suggest you take a look at this article.

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