Free Fire, more Mexican arrive at Battle Royale

Free Fire The company’s popular Battle Royale bAndroid devicesed in Singapore, Arena (freely available free in its free to play mode, on iOS and Android devices), announced to a new character, Near, which wAndroid devices conceived and developed in Mexico, just like OTO, the avatar that wAndroid devices launched on the occAndroid devicesion of Day of the dead.

Origin of the new character

Near is a young México-American ancestry student who made a good friendship with Tho. This grew up in a region inspired by the Rosella, within the Mexican state of Durango. After the disappearance of his parents, Near promised to look for them while the avid pAndroid devicession of him by the storms and the cold wAndroid devices growing over time.



This new character came with special skill, ice iron. Once thrown, the Lieu walls, you will be able to recover 20% of the current durability every second. However, the damage increAndroid deviceses 20% when using AR on the Lieu walls.

Near wAndroid devices available this Sunday, December 25 for free for all players who made login at Free Fire or Free Fire Max.

Along with the one, there were other Android devicespects inspired by the end of the year parties and these were also done by the Mexican Development Team. Here you can see some of them.

If you want to be aware of what happens in Free Fire, check our news section, so you’ll find out about everything that happens. Every day you can find the most popular content, Android devices well Android devices the free reward codes that when you redeem them, you will receive objects for free in your inventory.

On the other hand, if you want to know everything related to Tho, the other Mexican character, we recommend you read our note where we explain everything related to the native of the State of Michoacán.

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