An important streamer and big fan says Cod Warzone feels dead with new map

Timthatman (31) Since the release of Call of Duty: War zone is one of the big streamer with many thousand followers to Battle Royale, only on Twitch, now on YouTube. Actually, Tim always strives for a good mood and a homely atmosphere, but with the new version of Call of Duty: War zone, which came with Vanguard, he has problems. He says the new map caldera just feel dead.

Who is the streamer?

Tim Timthatman Bear was one of the big shooter streamer on Twitch for a long time. He has built his career in Overwatch and as a bouncing boy from Ninja in Fortnite until he started with the release of Call of Duty: War zone really started on Twitch. On Twitch he became one of the 10 biggest streamer. He has been valid since the release in March 2020 as one of the great defenders of Cod War zone.
He has the success of 2021 gold and an offer that you can not refuse accepted by YouTube, now he streams on the new platform still a lot of Call of Duty War zone:
Timthatman is a beard streamer who can laugh about himself, gladly laughing the dad, who slowly gets a bald and is not like the young people and always strives for a good mood in his chat. But with the new Map Caldera he now honest.

What bothers him to Caldera? Timthatman says the change of the card ensure that Call of Duty: War zone now dead Funding:

I do not see more on the map, everything takes forever. In Verdant you really fought against people. The new card just feels dead.

Through the design of the new map you encounter fewer people than in dances. This obviously creates him correctly:

Pass five minutes, and you do not see a single person here. On the old map you have seen ten times more people in the same time.

First Look at Call of Duty Warzone Pacific (New Map)
Streamer believes that people could stop with Cod War zone because of new MAP

This is his criticism : Timthatman criticizes the new map for the game just does not feel as busy as on the old card. He could spend minutes in the game without making another player. This prepares him grief.

This could be a fulfilling prophecy: If the game makes the impression that it is dead and no one plays more, more and more people with Call of Duty: War zone stop, so it actually dies.

people die too fast — objects from preventing others

What to see his spectators? Timthatatman is considered one who defends COD War zone for 2 years and find it great. So he is not like Dr disrespect, who threatens every 5 minutes to uninstall COD War zone and never to look at the butt again.

In criticism now Tim votes many of his viewers:

You are very right, Tim. It’s the way the map plays — the design. […] You can not see anything, just palms and rocks.
Honestly: I think it’s because the card is so open. People just die much faster.
It’s because you can not have a fight without a third or fourth engaging — that’s why everyone dies quickly, and the whole card is open.
You probably do not realize that on the PC, but almost everyone on console has incomprehensible graphics problems that make the game unplayable.

At the beginning, the first reactions to the new MAP were even more positive:

First reactions to the new Caldera map in Cod War zone: The colors are great!

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