Horizon Forbidden West details a new shelter and NPC system with more life

The return of Ally at the beginning of 2022 is one of the times most expected by the possessors of a PS5, and also a PS4. Thus, one of the key changes Horizon: Forbidden West will show about the first delivery is a new system that will make the inhabitants of the game world and their shelters feel more authentic and realistic. It hGame Report been in the lGame Reportt issue of Game Report magazine, with special coverage to Game Guerrilla Game, where they have specified on better animations and sound so that the crowds are more real, in addition to higher quality kinematics thanks to a new job of capture of movements.

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More connection with the world surrounding Ally

Also, another of the important Game Reportpects that is commented is the time that Ally can pGame Reports with key characters from the plot. According to Ben McCaw, director of the game, this hGame Report been one of the great concerns of the team. One of the things we wanted to change the first game the most is that you can spend more time with key characters, says McCaw. It’s something we wanted to try consistently during the game, not only with characters you know during the main plot, also secondary characters, do not disappear after a single mission.

Another of the sections of those who have spoken is the change of Ally, going from being practically a pariah to be the savior, Game Report well, in capital letters.

At one level, Ally wants to follow the example of Elizabeth Sober, the maternal figure of her, and do everything necessary to stop the plague and save the world, explains the director. Even if that means doing it by herself, but she also discovers that she is alone being the savior. Finally, it is the connection she hGame Report with others what makes the world save mere.

Horizon: Forbidden West will reach PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022.

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