Xbox unveils the third and last sneaker for the celebration of the 20th anniversary

adidas Originals by Xbox - 20 Years of Play
Xbox has been occupied by the celebrations of its 20th anniversary, with games, a collaboration with Gucci and, of course, all kinds of shoes. So far, two shoes came out of the collaboration on the shoes, one celebrating the Xbox 360 and the other celebrant halo. And now, the third has come out all over the world so that Xbox fans can enjoy it.

These are the Adidas Forum Tech Boost, celebrating the Xbox Series X in all its splendor. No, the shoe does not look like a refrigerator. Instead, it is black, with a black net and a green liner, the inner shoe taking its appearance after the vents of the Xbox Series X. There is the adidas logo on the tongue, with the Xbox logo modernized on the Side and in the lining of the sock is the 20th anniversary logo, just in case you have forgotten the year you bought the shoe.

But there is the green sole and the translucent heel, so green can be seen by everyone. The effect is actually pretty cool overall (at least far) and brings a more modern walking shoe. These Xbox shoes do not look like something in which you would like to go hiking, but they certainly have comfortable air to relax at least. This also marks the last month of the shoe revelation, because Xbox reveals every collaboration of Xbox shoes with Adidas once a month since October.

If you want a pair of shoes for yourself or for a loved one, these are currently on sale at a price of USD 140 and can be found in the partner points of the world or on the Adidas website.

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