Gianluigi Buffon Because of Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus lost his DNA

Goalkeeper Giannini Buffoon has talked about the negative aspects of the commitment of Cristiano Ronaldo for his ex-Club Juventus Turin.

After my return [from PSG; d. Red.] I worked with Cristiano two years, and we’ve got along well, so the current Parma goalkeeper opposite turn. But I believe that Juventus lost his DNA during this time.

Buffoon continues: When we were able to move into the final of the Champions League in 2017, that was at our unpredictability and because we rely on as a unit. Everyone knew what he had to do in the field. That was lost with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo spent three years at the old lady. In his first year, when Buffoon had his intermezzo in Paris, the chances were greatest in the hoped-for success in the royal class.

Juventus had the opportunity to win the Champions League in Ronaldo. I do not know what it was ultimately, the Routinize hit a similar notch. At that time, the series A-Club failed in the quarter-finals to Ajax surprise team after getting a 1-1 in the first leg in Amsterdam.

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Buffon Blamed Ronaldo | Juventus Lost Their DNA After Ronaldo Arrived | Gianluigi Buffon Interview
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After buffets return to the Turners, in the following years, they had already failed in the second round at the supposed outdoor guides Olympic Lyon and Porto. Since the past summer, Ronaldo has been running again for Manchester United.

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